Kikunol Housing

The Kikunol Housing project is located in Pleasant Point, Maine on Passamaquoddy tribal land. The seventeen multi-family homes include a combination of one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units. The common area, building entrances, and building designs incorporate symbols and shapes that are an integral part of the Passamaquoddy heritage and history. 

The project is designed to meet Maine Housing Authority Green Standards and a recipient of the Maine Solar Energy Rebate Program. The site layout for the community uses passive solar building orientation.  Solar thermal systems provide domestic hot water. The building envelope is designed to provide an effective air barrier and high insulation values for energy efficiency.

This project was part of the Case Studies 2013 project by the Sustainable Native Communities Collaborative (SNCC). These case studies are foundational to SNCC’s multi-year effort to research and share the exciting work that tribes are undertaking across the country.

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